The Missing Shoe tells the story of an adventurous little girl named Sasha who's on a mission to find her lost shoe. She'll stop at nothing to bring her shoe back from the great unknown, even if it means recruiting help from her friends. There's just one little problem... it seems that her friends have all lost something as well!

Can Sasha and friends find their missing items before the day is over?

Meet the Characters!

Sasha Sampson
Sasha is an energetic girl full of spunk that loves to get to the bottom of things. She is known in her town for always being up to something but she has a good heart and a noble nature. Sasha is always the first to lead the way and if anyone is in trouble she'll help them no matter how dirty the job. Her friends look up to her and value her quick wit.

Lancelle Lot ("Lance" for short)
Lance is Sasha's good neighbor, who has unfortunately misplaced his pants. He's not the neatest of boys but is certainly much neater than Sasha. He absolutely loves pets and has four pf his own -  a dog, two cats, and a fish. Lance is shy but quick on his feet and always reliable when you need him.
Patty Peterson ("Pat" for short)
Pat is a lovable sweet girl who has lost her hat. She is bright, elegant, and always optimistic but she is rather clumsy. Like Sasha, when Pat sees a goal in sight she never gives up.

Manasses Manwell
Manasses is the sporty boy who has lost his glasses. A long time friend in Sasha's group, he has always been visually challenged yet visually fashionable. He likes to act like the brains of the bunch but when it comes down to it, he's nothing without his friend's help.
Sasha and her friends hail from the town of Waysonville. When searching in the neighborhood doesn't yield results, Sasha and Lance take their mission to the city and beyond. It's too bad that their missing things are closer than they think!
The Missing Shoe will be published as a children's book. The art for this project as displayed on this website is the updated version of this story. The revised animatic is coming soon!

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