The Frog Princess tells the story of a tomboy little toad with a heart for adventure. Her strong sense of justice and bad habit of sneaking out the castle leads her to stumble upon a new threat to her kingdom. Her distracted parents, nagging maid and lazy guards are too caught up in their daily routines to notice, thus she's left with no choice but to take matters into her own hands!
The Frog Princess takes place in a big pond right in the middle of Moonwillow forest. The castle is set right above the city where the princess and her friends go to school, mess around, and cause occasional havoc.
While the Princess is doing her self-proclaimed duty, her loyal knights are usually snoozing. Though reliable when they are on the job, they usually aren't motivated enough to get up which gives the little toads more freedom to roam but less help when it actually comes to action.
Her home, Lilyshade castle, is a mysterious place with new surprises around each corner. As the princess discovers each one, her world gets bigger and her heart opens wider. She'll do anything to save her pond and every creature in it, so long as she can keep from getting caught and sent to her room!
The Frog Princess is a work in progress. It is an animation that is digitally drawn frame by frame in Illustrator and animated in Adobe Animate. All backgrounds are illustrated in Adobe Illustrator except for the bedroom which is a 3D model created in Autodesk Maya. The intro to the story can be viewed above.
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